A point of confusion not quite a bug

So we moved Profile info to IA2 from SB. This includes the preferred name field (formerly nickname). It still works the same way and updates the first name in SB but not in IA2 (which it never has). I am already getting questions on why it doesn’t

I’ll ask the developers

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Using preferred name in IA if it is set instead of first name is being added to the backlog.

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@edavignon Ed, understand this request is in the backlog and apologies for necro’ing this thread. But with more activity moving to IA (esp. with the SB calendar sunset next month), this is going to become a bigger problem. Perhaps this needs to move up in priority.

At best, this causes confusion (father/son in our pack who have the same legal name–dad is Bill, son is Billy).

At worst, this makes it look like we’re moving as an organization from welcoming (SB) to unwelcoming (IA). We have several adults/youth in the pack with a different preferred name for social/cultural reasons and this issue tends to “other” them.


The simple solution now is to upload images for profiles

I hear you, but that only solves the smaller issue of leader confusion (and only in some contexts–e.g. profile photo isn’t displayed in Recharter).

That doesn’t solve the more serious issue of being unwelcoming to members by using non-preferred name (e.g. member with foreign language legal name and English language preferred name, for one). I was reminded that this is along the same lines of the notifications members receive from the mobile app “[Member name] has been approved for [xyz award/adventure/etc].”

Plus, uploading profile pics is a lot easier said than done. Changing preferred name is a far easier task for member (or leader with appropriate permissions).

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