IA and Names with Suffixes

With various updates and now recording events and attendance in IA, it is vital to include suffixes in all areas where names are listed. This way proper credit is being awarded. For example, my son and I have the same name except I am the IV and he is the V. Currently it lists only first and last name.

Well Suffixes are in IA - and there is either a photo or an Adult/Child Icon for every user even if Suffix does not show on list

They are in IA but do not show in IA for events etc and when you are both leaders the icon is no different. BSA just needs to write code for suffixes to show across all name fields no matter where you are in the program.

I have made the request to add suffixes to the calendar event pages.


As a person with a suffix seeing how it appears in some places and not others, I appreciate the request.

I’d take my display name if I could but I don’t think that is an option - IA displays first and last, no middle names or suffixes despite having a preferred name entered on the IA profile. Commissioner Tools shows first, middle and last - shows me assigned w/o a suffix but any unit visits show with the suffix. Different parts of the database I presume.

We had issues in the 90s with my Dad and I both registered in the same council with the same name. It wasn’t the reason why we didn’t name my son after me and leave him with a suffix as well, but at least there’s no confusion in the BSA between us.

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