A scout is linked with another Scout

When you go on my youngest son profile, its shows a different Scout on the drop down.
On my oldest son is shows his name in the drop down box at the top.

Can you post your son’s BSA ID (no names needed) so that SUAC can take a look at the account?

@JacobFenn - where is this dropdown? Hopefully not quick nav. If you go to your dashboard do you see both scouts in the my family section on the lefthand side. If so then I would not be concerned.

Go to your son’s membership. Is there one under current memberships? Does it have a green shield by it?

His BSA number is 133222289

There is no green shield with a check like my other son

When you click on my sons name from the family menu, it takes you to the advancement page. It shoes another Scout at the top of the page and does not show my wife and I like my other son

That might mean that a unit admin from your unit (CM/SM,CC,COR plus any others assigned) needs to go in and verify your son’s unit membership by clicking on his name, then on his memberships, toggling the approval switch off then on, then saving the membership. It seems like some memberships are getting messed up behind the scenes.

Looks like when you joined the troop you spelled his middle name differently, so he got a new BSA # - I have it cleaned up in Scoutbook for you now. You will need to wait for Troop position to come back or add it yourself. I would also talk to council to make sure all is spelled correctly with them @JacobFenn

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Ok thank you I will see if its fixed now

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