Scoutbook issue with Dad and son having the same name

My husband and son have the same name, as my son is a junior. My husband has a scoutbook account. He also has a BSA number. We are trying to set my son who is 12 up with an account for his troop. However, every time I go in to create a new account for my son it keeps defaulting to my husbands BSA number and keeps creating a new account for him. How can I get rid of some of the scoutbook accounts that have been created in my husbands name and create one for my son with the correct BSA number?

Well you can post BSA #s (no names) and we can look

Sons BSA number 133797573
My BSA number 133797574
My Husbands BSA 14557101

@LyndseyKiebel well it looks like you scout has an account with “Sign in with Google” turned on with a variation? of name Tom? as email

@LyndseyKiebel is 10 or 12 right DOB year for your Scout - I think it is 10?


@DonovanMcNeil I was able to use the google sign into get into my sons account somehow. As you can see I screenshot it and it is not tied into his troop. Also somehow the picture posted from him sending a reply to this thread.

It is tied to troop you are just not used to the Scout interface - it is different from Troop or parent - go to Advancements and you can use top breadcrumbs to kind of get to troop

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