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A Tenderfoot Scout lost Scout Rank

A Scout has lost Scout Rank. They are Tenderfoot and I just realized they no longer have Scout. It is marked awarded, but no longer marked complete and approved.

I backed up in February and it is complete there. They earned it last year in May.

What should I do?
What caused this?


The easiest thing to do is mark it complete again.

I’ve seen that there is a bug in the Scouting app that can cause this at times. The developers are aware and working on it.

Is this seen as top priority? This is a data integrity bug. If I didn’t have a backup, I wouldn’t know when this was earned. What other data integrity bugs are out there and not resolved that we should be looking for?

I am a huge fan of Scoutbook. I presented a how-to at Roundtable in February. I am going to do an online training next week on Thursday for the entire council. I don’t want to have to say that Scouts can lose advancement randomly. :frowning:

Yes, it is a top priority. I only reported it yesterday (Thursday) morning, and they had a fix in progress. Unfortunately, I was too busy with work to follow up with them today.

Thank you thank you. I was worried this was just “on the list”.

Have you tried to run an audit report on the individual scouts advancement


In this scenario, it doesn’t show up in the audit report (at least for me). Matt could probably try it. This was such as unexpected situation that no audit data was recorded.

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