Multiple ranks showing as completed

Went to look at rank requirements for tenderfoot on iPhone app and now it is showing rank completed for several rank advancements.

Scout is working towards Tenderfoot and it now shows Tenderfoot, Second Class and First Class already completed with same date as when he completed Scout advancement.

Spoke to Troop Admin and she does not see rank completions, she still see Tenderfoot with 11% left for completion.

Looked in both iPhone app and on website and see completions in both locations.

@MichaelFish1 - could you post screen shots and the BSA ID of the scout in question.

Removed the screen shot because it contained the Scout’s name.

BSA ID: 132166051

Just go in and erase the dates from the ranks

My concern was the statement that the troop admin sees something different.

The ranks are completed but not approved. Check the audit data to see who marked them complete. All were completed on 6/22/21 so this is suspicious.

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