Accepted online application 9/22 8:00pm, Scout came in today 9/23 with no parent connection

So, the bug still seems to be out there of Scouts coming in without a parent connection.

BSA Member ID #: 14556517


Parent info is in my.scouting application.

A very very odd problem with another Scout.

A parent connection was made. The dad’s email, phone, and address were added properly. Their first name, though is “Preble HS”. That is a local high school - Preble HS. So I assumed they entered it wrong. No, on their my.scouting application they have their real first name. Totally bazar. I don’t even see where high school is in their application.

Council registration staff help may be needed to fix this registration.

This registration still looks like it’s pending. I would wait and see if it resolves within 24-48 hours.

Ok. How about this cub’s parent? Do they look odd? 14546283

Parent’s BSA member number is 105504630.

It looks like the parent is missing zip code in the address (at my.scouting).

@Matt.Johnson Are you able to see the parent’s preferred name data field?

I said to myself “they haven’t connected with their account, they didn’t set Prebel HS as their nickname”. Sure enough, there it is. What a strange strange situation. So, I changed it. It is now correct in Scoutbook. So, it wasn’t that bad.

You are right, there was no zip too. Fixed.

So, this one seems done.