How to connect a parent when the Council mistyped their email address?

When the Council entered an adult (parent) email incorrectly in Scoutbook, and then they say they fixed it on their end, how do I proceed?
It is still not fixed on Scoutbook - shows up wrong in the parent profile, so I assume that when I send them the invite, it goes to the wrong email address (the one with typo) and the parent doesn’t receive it. If I try to add the parent as another connection with the correct email address, Scoutbook does find it, but says “The selected user already has a connection to the scout”.
I have one story like that since April, and another just happened last week with another new scout parent email address. We use Scoutbook as main means of communication, so it’s important I fix this issue.

@NadezhdaAnikeev have council fix email AND have them make sure the Relationship tab to scout is correct

Thank you for the answer, Donovan. Here’s what’s not clear to me: they say they fixed the email address, but in Scoutbook the email under the parent’s account is still misspelled. But because Scoutbook does find the adult by search using the correctly spelled email address (and first and last name, city, state) I assume on their end everything is showing correctly, and, I assume, the relationship is fixed too, since the Scoutbook tells me “The selected user already has a connection to the scout”. Yet if the Scoutbook on the “public” (my) side shows the incorrect email address for the parent, I’d assume my invites are going there, so there’s no way for this parent to receive the emails… I think if I was working on the back end of it, I would have erased the misspelled account completely and would have created a new parent account with a correct spelling, but, apparently, this is not what is being done.

So, assuming the council has fixed everything they could on their end, and it looks fine there, how do I connect parent to the correct account? As I said, the correct parent email isn’t listed under the Scout’s account.

@NadezhdaAnikeev - you could remove the incorrect parent and connect the correct parent

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as a den leader i was able to go in in internet advancement and fix a parents email address, and resend an invite, so the parent was then able to setup their account. this was about 2 years after they had joined scouting.

Thank you. How do I remove the incorrect parent?

@NadezhdaAnikeev - if that incorrect email parent did not connect, click on that parent then scroll down and click delete.

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Oh my, thank you so much! I’ve never seen that button before! Removing him worked. I added him back by finding his account again, and I entered the correct email address and the system found him, but it still shows the incorrect one when I look at his account under the scout… I guess I’ll email him privately, outside of Scoutbook, to find out if he received the email invite.

And I’ll try the same thing with the other parent.

@NadezhdaAnikeev - if you added the correct parent then that is what should show… could you post a screen shot

I’ll try with the other parent, and will update.


I tried it with the second parent - same story. His email address ends in “ite”, when Council added him, they skipped the letter “t”.
First image attached - how his account looked before I removed it using the advice above.
Second image - his account, using the correct email address, is found when searching under scout’s “Connections” “+Add”. So it found the account using the correct email address.
After I added that account, going under scout’s account again - his father’s account still shows incorrect email address (invitation just sent).

Please let me know if I didn’t explain clearly enough - I’ll try again.

I have emailed the first parent (and his wife) to ask if he got the email invite through Scoutbook, I will email this family as well.

@NadezhdaAnikeev If you could post the Scout’s BSA member number, we can take a look.

(No names, please)

@NadezhdaAnikeev - I can also do a screen share if that works as well… email me at

I think both parents probably have duplicate account issues at this point.

@JenniferOlinger - could very well be true… I will stand by with screen share if needed

Okay, so both parents responded - neither received the invite from Scoutbook - so I’d assume it still sends it to the incorrect address, even though the search finds the accounts when I’m searching with the correct account. One of the dads got himself a account, said the site recognized him and connected to his son. I didn’t ask him to do it, as I’m aware of multiple BSA #s issue (multiple parents and leaders in our troop have it), but he is very eager to have everything set up, so… well…

Okay, so in order to get their BSA #s, I had to do the “edit profile”, so there I did what RobertWillhelm suggested above. I edited their email addresses myself. It looks correct in Scoutbook now and I sent the invites again, and private emails to ask them to check for those invite emails from Scoutbook. Fingers crossed this would work!

Thank you all for your help! I will update.

@NadezhdaAnikeev If you could still post the BSA member ID numbers for their Scouts, we can look to see if the parents have duplicate accounts

The dad that created account himself: Member ID140732028, his son’s: BSA Member ID: 140732027.

The one that was misspelled in April: Dad: Member ID140147709, Scout: BSA Member ID: 140147710

Thank you for helping with this, Jennifer!

Update: the dad Member ID140732028 has just emailed me to say that he can now access Scoutbook (the invite that I sent through Scoutbook gave him an error message, but he was able to “Sign in with Google”, like he did for, and his account is marked as connected now.

Just as a point of clarification, if a user has “Sign on with Google/Apple” enabled for their account in my.scouting, they will need to use the same login method to access Scoutbook in general. Alternatively, they could change to using username/password at my.scouting which will propagate out to Scoutbook. The intent is a single unified login at the BSA sites, rather than different methods at each.