Access to build Advancements reports

Hi, I am supporting the pack by buying and preparing the pack advancements, but I cannot run the reports since I don’t have access to do it. How I request the Access and the corresponding role.


@YohmaryOrtiz - are you a registered adult in the pack ? You would need to be registered as a committee member

Yes, I am a register adult on the pack. To be register as a committee member, beside ask the pack Scoutbook admin to add me, do I need to complete any other requirement. Like do I need to fill a form,.or do an online request, ect…


@YohmaryOrtiz it does not look like you have filled out an Adult Application - at least under this log in - you would need to do that first

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Thanks, Can I download the application or complete it online. At this time the access I have is as a parent with a scout connection.

You need to talk to your unit on that - some councils do not allow online and some units do not have it turned on

Thanks, I will check.with them.

How do I post a question asking for help? I cannot find it that’s why I am replying to this thread in order to reach someone. Help.

(My real question is why I am not getting e mails via Scout Book. My BSA ID is 13228627)

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