Access to Scouts BSA advancement prior/after 18th birthday

A scout in the troop (BSA ID#126727786) transferred to a crew on 12 Dec 2021 via My.Scouting.Org. The transfer showed successful by the scout showing on the crew roster and absent of the troop roster in My.Scouting.Org and in Scoutbook. At this point, the Scouts BSA advancement was not accessible which I found odd since the scout was continuing his work toward Eagle. I could go into the Scoutbook Membership and remove the “end date” on the Scouts BSA troop record. This action would allow access to the Scouts BSA advancement of the scout for a while but the “end date” would be automatically filled in by Scoutbook within 24 hours - thus removing access to the Scouts BSA advancement of the scout again. I can generally understand why Scoutbook was automatically filling the “end date” because the scout was no longer registered in the troop.

1st question: What I cannot understand is how can a Venture scout continue work toward Eagle but the Scouts BSA advancement seems not to be accessible at this point in Scoutbook as described?

Subsequently, I had the council registrar add the scout back as a multiple to the troop. This has allowed access to the Scouts BSA advancement of the scout in Scoutbook.

2nd question: Is this “multiple” action the expected solution to the question #1 situation or is there some other solution of which I am unaware?

Now getting to the harder questions going into 2022. This scout has just been granted an Eagle extension from his 18th birthday in early January although such does not yet show up in his My.Scouting.Org Roster information for the troop. The troop will not be rechartering for 2022 due to lack of the minimum 5 scouts. Therefore the current paid registration for the scout ends on 31 Dec 2021.

Next questions: Is it necessary for the scout to register as a youth in the crew for the part of January prior to the 18th birthday so that continuity of registration exists? Is it also necessary for the scout to register as a “multiple” youth in another troop that is actually rechartering for 2022 for the part of January prior to the 18th birthday so that continuity of registration exists? What registrations are needed so that the Scouts BSA advancement of the scout can be accessed in Scoutbook in 2022 through the completion of Eagle? Should the scout submit an adult application to the crew right after the 18th birthday or should such be delayed until sometime later?

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For a youth under 18, there is a toggle in their profile to continue Scouts BSA advancement (I forget the exact name of the toggle) that you have to set if they are no longer in a troop but have already completed First Class.

A youth must be registered in order to work on/be credited for advancement. If the scout is continuing in the crew, but not affiliating with another troop, you’ll want to set the Scouts BSA advancement toggle.

Only if the Scout is working on any requirements during that period. If all that is left for Eagle is paperwork and the EBOR (the project is done, the badges are done, the SM conference is done, etc…) then they don’t have to be registered to fill out the application, attend the EBOR and submit the Eagle application.

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An under-sized unit can recharter if it is approved by the council Scout executive.

The Scout executive, not a designee, must approve in writing units registering with fewer than five (5) or more than 100 paid youth, units renewing with a drop of 50 percent or more in youth members (at least 25) or no change in youth registration. The signed approval shall be filed in the current unit file at the council service center.

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The “Scouts BSA Advancement” on the profile of the scout was key unknown item in this discussion for me. I am sure that I had read over that item numerous times without it slapping me in the face.

So the plan now is to have the scout submit a youth application for the crew ASAP to keep continuity of registration in 2022. In hindsight now, it would have made most sense to have transferred the scout from the troop to the crew prior to the submission of the crew recharter paperwork on 1 Dec 2021.

The adult application for the crew will be fully completed (including YPT and CBC) right after the early January birthday of the scout. But this application will be purposely withheld from submission to the council office until after the Eagle advancement work during the extension is fully completed through posting/approval by council and by National BSA.

I am fully aware that an under-sized unit can be rechartered. Our council is very strict on such approvals and the troop does not qualify for such approval.

Thanks again for the enlightenment!!!


Just talked to another council registrar who is more familiar with the process of Eagle activities.

Since this is the first Eagle extension that I have been involved, I have not seen the copy of the approval letter that the scout receives. The registrar indicated that one of the requirements of the Eagle extension is the immediate submission of the adult application after the 18th birthday of the scout.

Therefore, I will be making sure that the youth application and the adult application are completed and submitted to the council office ASAP.

Thanks again for your time and attention!!!

On the adult application the position should be “VP Venturing Participant”

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