Over Age Scout, tracking Advancements in SB

We have a scout who has been Council Approved to continue to participate and advance after the age of 18 due to disability.

Can his advancements be tracked in Scoutbook?

Scoutbook does not consider age as long as they are in system correctly

I checked with our Memberhip person.
He was re-registered as a “Unit Participant” during Re-Charter.
Yet he does now show in SB on our roster.
Should we expect Unit Participants to appear in SB?

yes - what is BSA # ?

@MorelandSmith if you do not know BSA # I can start a direct message to get other info

128510374 is the Member ID

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Scout is in your zzzNot Continuing Patrol

That is his twin brother.
Some of the Advancement (Scout/Tenderfoot) dates are for the Brother who completed in standard timeframe.
2nd First and Star Dates are the UP scout.

Both have same first and last name but different middle names. Perhaps we should chase down with Council, that may have been where the records got merged.

well they are different first names James/John - give me a minute - the BSA # is Johns

James - 121635787 - already has Eagle and has no current registrations

if you go to Scout in that patrol and click Edit profile - you will see the BSA # you provided me

Thank you for your help.
Do you happen to know (or could steer me to) if BSA uses Azure or AWS or another hosting platform and what their prefered development frameworks are? I am working with a Univeristy Computer Science Capstone Class for them to build a prototype Scouting for Food App for our Council/District and wanted to see about alignment possiblities.

They use AWS for most things and their own servers for things such as scoutbook email messaging.

Thank you for the info.
Do you have a contact in the BSA App Development world that I might could speak with about steps we could take for potential alignment.
I can be reached at moreland.smith@gmail.com


the best way to proceed would be to develop the program then have council run with it

I don’t have any contacts. Someone from the SUAC might be able to help.

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