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Internet Advancement not Linking to Unit

I have done some tech support but putting this out there. I am Cubmaster and Ast Scoutmaster. I can see the troop, myself, my sons, but not the pack. I don’t get the option to switch to the pack so I can not do anyhting for it. My IDs on scouting.org, scoutbook, IA all match. I have refreshed, cleared cookies etc, used different PCs.

Any help?

When you got to my.scouting.org, are you able to see the organizational security manager for the pack? Are you showing as Cubmaster there? That’s most commonly the issue.

If it’s showing correctly at my.scouting, try clicking on the scout emblem on the top right corner of the IA2 interface (scoutbook.scouting.org). That should show all of the units with which you are associated. You should be able to select the pack there.

I am cubmaster showing on scouting.org

The problem is it doesn’t show up on the drop down on IA2.

Are you logging in to Scoutbook.scouting.org with the same ID/PW to my.scouting.org where you see yourself listed as Cubmaster?

The same username and password, to be clear.

Yep, same log in, everything matches. Spoke to council they thunk everything is matched up. But IA2 doesn’t show my Pack as an option. Like it’s not linked to me at all, but it was before the 15ths changes.


Send an e-mail to scoutbook.support@scouting.org with your name, BSA Member ID, council and unit. Explain the problem to them. I suggest putting Internet Advancement in the subject line.

Please post the SSD number you receive in the subject of one of the automated e-mail replies here.


That’s the ticket

The developers have informed me that your issue has been fixed.

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