Help cannot access internet advancement as a key 3

Over the summer my unit switched charters and in doing so was also forced to switch councils. Since then we have not been able to view any Troop advancement info on internet advancement. Our council can’t figure out the issue and National has been no help. I am growing frustrated and disgruntled with the lack of oversight and involvement from National. My local council has bent over backwards to try to no avail. I can see my roster on the my.scounting site under roster but when loading up internet advancement or scoutbook we have no roster. Does anyone have any insight to what might be the problem.

Anthony Malcom
COR Troop 37 Elverson, PA


What Council is your unit now i? When you change councils, you get a nw BSA Member ID. You need to make sure that new Member ID is listed at primary in

We are now in Hawk Mountain Council and we have already made this change with our member ID’s and still no difference.

@AnthonyMalcom You had 2 Scoutbook accounts. I have merged them.

Your positions in Scoutbook all appear to be associated with the wrong council. I have requested a position sync. There is a nightly process that needs to run, so if you would like to check again tomorrow to see if the issue has resolved.

Ok so I’m partially fixed I can now see all my youth and adult leaders in the two scoutbook accounts for our unit. What do we need to do now to get my Internet advancement to work?

@AnthonyMalcom I am working on getting your troop’s Scouts and adult leaders Scoutbook accounts cleaned up so that they have the correct BSA member number and are in the correct council.

If you could ask people to not try to log in right now, it would be helpful.