Accessing to

Good morning
I have a volunteer that can’t access his accoutn to
The system don’t recognize his credentials a need assistance to changed it.
Can he do it directly on the web page or he has to create another account?
Please let me know


DO NOT create another account. This will cause more problems.

Post the BSA Member ID (no names) and we will investigate.

The volunteers BSA Id 9125780


The individual who’s BSA Member ID you provided is female. Just wanted to confirm because you said he and his in your original post.

The login ID for this individual is her gmail address. She can use the bot in the bottom right of the window if she cannot remember her password There is an option to bypass the security questions if she has forgotten them.

If she cannot reset her password, your Council can do so.

Well the record is a he, I will verify with the council. Thanks for all the help. We will tried your recommendation.
Again tks for all the help


I don’t know what happened when I searched but I have looked again and believe I have the correct individual this time. I’ll send you a private message. Click on the purple circle with white O in the upper right of the forum window when you see the green envelope on it.