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Parent Unable to recover credentials

A parent lost her username and password in a computer crash, and the recover-credentials isn’t working.

BSA Member #: 13111029
UserID: 1592304

What can we do to get her access again?



Her ID is her e-mail address from a church. Let us know if she no longer has access to this and we can switch the e-mail on file to her gmail address so she can recover the password.

Thanks for the quick answer!

That email address got her a password reset, and she can login now, but she doesn’t see anything anymore - no link to her son’s scout account or upcoming events or anything like that.

If I login to scoutbook it says her last login was 23 days ago, not today.

She does want to move away from that email address. She thought she had changed it to her gmail a while back. Is that a change you can make for her?


She has 2 BSA Member IDs and 2 my.scouting.org IDs. I’ll be able to work on this later today.

@JasonDaughenbaugh Ed is working on some other stuff. I have merged the parent’s Scoutbook accounts. She should be able to log in now.

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That fixed it for her. Thanks!

These multiple BSA member IDs and Scouting.org IDs happen frequently - perhaps 4-5 adults (leaders or parents) per year. Is there something we can do to prevent or fix these on our own, or is this forum the best way to handle them?


Make sure all scoutbook accounts have full legal name, DOB, address, council, and district before submitting the application. Make sure the application matches that. When they take YPT, they should be logging in with the same account credentials as SB and their my.scouting account should have the same bsa member number as their scoutbook profile.

But all of what Jacob mentioned is for not, if your registrar does not search by name for users. Many just enter them as new user.

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