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Parent needs a password reset at my.scouting.org/Scoutbook

We have a parent trying to log onto Scoutbook and it looks like they have an old profile at my.scouting.org. When they tried to reset using the bot they failed the authentication. also they have since changed their email address. not sure what the next steps are.

how did the BOT fail??

some how it brought him to a page that tried to authenticate him and it failed. this is the description i am receiving from the father.

the bot is pretty bullet proof - as long as you know name, MID, DOB, maybe zip code - it works.

I screen shared and got him in - sorry for the inconvenience.

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great - should be able to change email from there and then do it in SB also

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Hi - we have a parent trying to recover password too. He tried using the ChatBot by entering his Member ID, Zip and DOB by the bot responded that User cannot be found with information given. What else can be done to access his account?

i would have parent call council to make sure it is correct on dataside

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