Unit advancement chair can’t see one of my scout’s awards

He can see and award 1 of my scouts but not the other. I checked connection status. It reads View Profile and View Advancements. When I try to update to full control it goes back to the the view profile and view advancements. He has also dropped from the notes page.

I checked internet advancement and our Cubmaster approved all the belt loops but my one scout didn’t receive them because the loops didn’t show on the report.

@KARENR - I would suggest that the unit admins/key 3 review the advancement chair connection to your other scout.

@KARENR I can see that you are a Den Leader. When you say one of your Scouts, do mean one of the Scouts in your den? Or do you mean one of your children? It would be helpful if you could provide more information, such as a BSA member number or initials (no names please).

It looks like you are not connected as a parent / guardian to one of your children in Scoutbook.

Your pack’s Advancement Chair appears to have 2 BSA member numbers and 2 Scoutbook accounts.

I also see a Scout in your pack with initials S.B. who appears to have duplicate Scoutbook accounts.

@JenniferOlinger - I gather you have this so I will stand at ease

I always welcome your assistance! :grin:

I was going to add the bounce back iz always an odd membership status

I am a Den Leader and the 1 scout is also my daughter. We also have another scout in my husband’s den who has the same issue. My den earned several loops together. I was able to approve all of my daughters. When it came to the Pack meeting my other scout received her awards and my daughter didn’t receive anything. When I asked the Unit advancement chair he said he didn’t see anything on the report.

When I was poking around in Scoutbook I saw the UAC wasn’t on the note section like he usually is. I went to check connections and saw he didn’t have the same access as my other scout. I also poked around in Internet Advancement and saw that Cubmaster approved my daughter’s awards too. For some reason the awards never made it to the UAC’s report.

The scout in my husband’s den does have two accounts. He came from a different Pack that folded last year. However, due to Covid he did not join us as wolf. He almost did then. He has since joined us as Bear. He had earned Tiger Rank but had not been awarded the Rank. We recreated his record as my husband didn’t have access to the other account.

We are also having issues this week with approving belt loops. We can check requirements off in Scoutbook but they don’t show up on the needs approval report or Internet Advancement.

@KARENR You have 2 positions (Committee Member and Unit Religious Emblems Coord) that are not approved in Scoutbook. I would recommend asking a Pack Admin to approve them. Or you can add a date ended.

I have merged the Advancement Chair’s duplicate Scoutbook accounts. (He should talk to your local council about merging the duplicate BSA member numbers. It looks like his last name was misspelled on one of them.)

The reason your Advancement Chair cannot see your daughter or another Scout (initials S.B.?) is because he is connected to them with View Profile / View Advancement permissions. He needs to be connected to all Scouts in the pack with Edit Advancement permissions (as a minimum).

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