Accidental scout deletion in SB

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5) Member ID & Council of person affected Kelly Livingston 1254992
Thank you!)

I was working on recharter (I’m the CC) and I accidentally deleted a scout from my Lion den. His BSA member ID is 14337623 - he is not in my connections I already tried that. Thanks!

I requested a sync in the system. He should be back in the pack by tomorrow morning. Then you or your pack admin will need to move him back into the Den.

Hello - I made the same mistake, and just deleted a scout from Scoutbook accidentally. Possible to sync him back in for me as well? 14583668 (name removed by Moderator). Thank you very much!

@BrianSteem this is set to sync overnight - when moving Dens/Patrols - use the Reassign Button within the receiving sub-unit

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Thank you very much, Donovan!

Hello - I have a scout in my.scouting who is not showing up in Scoutbook. Possible to sync him in? 14293954. Thank you!

@BrianSteem that scout is in your Tiger Den

Thanks Donovan - that’s why I missed him. He’s supposed to be a Wolf, making the change now. Appreciate your help!

I also made the same mistake and erroneously deleted two scouts still on my roster from scoutbook, 132264221 and 132246689. Can they be added back? They are no longer under My Connections. Thanks for any help!

@BruceMcIntosh1 those should sync tonight - ONLY use reassign to change patrols (like the warning says) - life is easier then

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Thank you! Lesson learned…

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