Yet another--Another User using my email address

This recently started to show up on Scoutbook:
“Warning, another user is using the same email address…”

I’ve made no changes to my SB account or created a new log on.

Dave Creamer
SB User ID: 9144040
BSA Member ID: 126877785

Are you sure that warning is still there? We merged a duplicate for you yesterday.

It’s gone. Thank you!
I never created another account, but I did change my email quite a while ago. Was that the issue?

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I don’t think so. You did have another username which we requested be removed.

It wasn’t my son’s account by any chance–was it? We don’t go by Sr. and Jr. since we have different middle names. He has since aged out.

No, both had your DOB

But it’s certainly possible it was an extraneous account created related to confusion over that

Hi, I seem to having the same issue.
Here are my details: SB User ID:


BSA Member ID:


I too started getting a warning that another user is using my email address. I recently registered my daughter with BSA and Scoutbook and I am wondering if something I did during registration caused this error.

Ryan Rios
SB User ID: 8953780
BSA Member ID: 6227241

@RyanRios It was your daughter. I removed the email address from her account.

@ArshiyaNaseer I removed your email address from your scout

I have a parent with this same issue. Can someone help? He never showed up when the approved application finally made it over to Scoutbook three days later, so I searched for his name to add him as a connection but nothing came up. We thought it was because there was typo in his last name so I added him manually and now it’s saying someone else is using his email as well, but it’s just him. When council looks up his info it shows 2 different user ID along with 2 different BSA ID and 2 different SB numbers.

@TrishRhodes Please provide their member number (no names)

If your council can see all of that, they should be able to merge them

Hi @jacobfetzer,
My son and I have recently changed packs and it seems that during the switch I am also getting this message.
The Cub Master made the change, so I’m not sure what was done to cause this.

My BSA Member ID:

My son’s Member ID:

I’m guessing that my email was added to his account.
If that’s the case then it is fine, I just don’t know if this is an actual problem or not.

@RichardStone2 this is fixed

Thank You! That was fast! :slight_smile:

Good Afternoon,

I’m having the same issue with my account:


@NelsonParzuchowski that is fixed

Thank you, Donovan! That was quick!!