Scout created account before I could send invite from Scoutbook

            My son, S., created a youth Scoutbook account before I was able to send an invite for him to join his permanent account from Scoutbook.  When I try to invite him now, I get the dreaded “It appears your scout already has a Scoutbook account……”.  Is it possible for you to delete his Scoutbook account so I can send an invitation to his e-mail address and connect him the proper way?  Below is his account information:

Username (removed by Moderator)
SB User ID 12985443

@JohnSmith2 Is C. your son’s initial for his first name?

Hi Jennifer, yes it is. His full name is (removed by Moderator)

@JohnSmith2 I have merged his Scoutbook accounts.

I would recommend having him log in at my.scouting and double-check his address there. The city name was different between my.scouting and Scoutbook.

Thanks Jennifer! I just logged in with his credentials and it brought up his account correctly. I do appreciate it!

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