Scoutbook account created in error

A scout was trying to login before he was invited and while he and his parent think it was deleted, the parent gets an error saying a 2nd account exists when he tries to invite the scout to the account. The errors says to select the delete button if he wants to delete it. There isn’t a button to delete it though. We’re at a loss on how to fix this.
The erroneous account has the user name (removed by Moderator), it may or may not have a unit associated with it and the system added a BSA ID to the account.
The correct account information should (removed by Moderator), I’m not sure if there email associated or not, it’s (removed by Moderator) if there is, and his BSA ID 134113514. I know the email address needs to be changed to a non unit affiliated email account. We’ll do that once the parent is able to invite him.

He would get the error when the email address on the correct account was the (removed by Moderator) address. We changed the email address to his personal gmail account and the parent was able to invite him successfully.

A parent does not have to invite a Scout from inside of Scoutbook.

Another way is for a parent / guardian to work with their Scout to create an account at my.Scouting. When they do it this way, it is important that their name and date of birth match exactly with the Scout’s information that is already in the BSA’s database. If the Scout’s name or DOB do not match exactly, then that is how a new BSA member ID number can get created.

This Scout’s Scoutbook accounts have been merged.

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