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Accidentally removed position from leader account

I am setting up our pack’s information within scoutbook. There was some information imported regarding leaders and scouts. I created the dens that we’ll be using and began assigning leaders to those dens. The leaders have the position ‘den leader’, but are not connected to one of the dens I just created. I went to the first leader and removed his ‘den leader’ position. After doing this, that leader is no longer listed under leaders on the pack roster.

I figured I could just re-add the leader using ‘add leader’, but when I type in the leader’s name to find his account, he does not show up. Do I have to completely re-create his account?

Working on another leader, I noticed the warning about not removing a leader and entering an end date to preserve historical data. I canceled out of removing the position from a leader and entered the end date. Now that leader is also missing from the leaders list on the pack roster. Trying to re-add this leader is a problem because he has a very common name and only 10 names show when I enter his name. Is there another way to search (by pack for example) other than by name?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Hi, @JonathanConn,

There are two possibilities that I can think of. The first is that the leader is still associated with the pack, but not showing as a leader. Do any of the leaders have youth in the pack to whom they are connected?

For the leaders who aren’t associated with any youth in the pack, you should be able to search by their email address. You have to enter the whole address for the search to work.


Go to Add Leader and search for the leader by name in the top of the window. Since he was previously a leader in your pack he is in Scoutbook and you should find him. Select his name and add the position.

I looked in the Connections Manager, and neither of the leaders whose positions I removed are listed there. I’m assuming that means neither leader are connected to a scout.

I clicked the Add a Leader button again and tried searching both their names and email addresses. Neither leader showed for either option. Searching by email does not seem to work at all.

Thanks, but this was the first thing I tried when the leaders disappeared from the pack roster after removing or putting an end data on the den leader position. The leader I removed the position from I cannot find at all, and the leader that I put an end date on has a very common name. When I search for the 2nd leader’s name, 10 people are listed but not the one with our pack. I don’t know if the search results are limited to 10 people or if the second leader has disappeared the same way as the first leader.

I also just tried adding both leaders as connections to their children. Searching to find the leaders’ names to add to the scouts as adult partners did not find either leader.

Your best bet at this point is to have the leader log in using their ID and password, go to My Dashboard -> Administration -> My Account -> My Positions, click the position that was ended by mistake and remove the end date. If the position was deleted, click +Add and add it back. At that point a unit admin will be able to approve the position.

For connections, the best way to search is by e-mail address. You must enter the full address as Scoutbook will not search for partial addresses.

Ok. I’ll send an email to these leaders.

I am a pack admin within scoutbook. Would I be able to approve the position?

Pack admin is a unit admin. We use unit admin as the generic term for Pack, Troop, Crew or Ship admin.

Even searching by email when trying to add a connection, nothing shows for the leaders.

I also tried searching for my email which I know is entered into scoutbook, but my name did not appear.

Hi, @JonathanConn,

An adult away associated with the unit as a leader will not appear in the search, in my experience. I’m confused by the “search by email” behavior when looking for the other leaders, though. It’s worked great for me in the past.

@edavignon is right, at this point it’s easier to have the adults re-add their positions and then reapprove the positions when they show up.

You are a unit admin so you are connected to all Scouts in your pack. This will prevent you from showing up in connection searches.