Leader disappeared from Scoutbook, cannot re-add

When I advanced my dens one of my adult leaders got moved into the den as a Scout (no idea how) when I removed her from the den she was removed entirely from Scoutbook. She still appears on our roster in my.scouting.org. BSA ID 12876620


She is still registered as a Committee Member and connected to her son. You can fix this going to your Pack roster, clicking +Add Leader then put her BSA ID in the search box. Select the Committee Member position and change the connections to the desired level.

Unfortunately she does not show up when searching by name, BSA ID or email.

I have a current leader that when I tried to move her to her new den, she dropped off my roster. Her BSA number is not pulling up either. Her number is 13022143.

@JamieNeil that BSA # has no registrations

She just reappeared! Nothing I did, I just went back in and she was there.

@JamieNeil I found her registration and fixed her in SB - you can search for her now and find her

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Thank you! I might have more as I am moving everything :grin:

@JamieNeil have Key 3 look at my.scouting roster for registered BSA numbers

What do you mean you are moving everything?

Sorry I should have said I am moving all my leaders to their new dens.

@JamieNeil - I never move leaders, I just advance the dens. Everyone is moved up at the same time.

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If you use Scoutbook’s Advance Den feature, the Cub Scouts and den leaders will be moved up to the next den level at the same time.

The leaders are going to different dens, not with the same scouts

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@JenniferOlinger - did we both type that at the same time :slight_smile:

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@JamieNeil - and may I ask why that is ? The typical routine is the den [its leader(s) and scouts move up at the end of each school year.

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We have had people drop out and we have needed to reconfigure to have leader coverage.

@JamieNeil - now I understand. It does make the process a bit tricky in not mis-placing (well you know that feeling) adults and youth.

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It is a bit of a pain. :grin:

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@JamieNeil - so perhaps… this:

Unless you have found that and are trying to work through it