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Accidentally unconnected scout, can’t re-connect

We had a scout miss recharter. Finally got her signed app and membership $ from parent. Dropped off her ppwk at council. She showed up in ScoutBook. All good.
But her previous membership was off, (she had been a member since last Feb; that wasn’t listed correctly) so I was updating her date so I could re-enter advancements dates.
Evidently, this rookie unconnected her own scout.
Scout is still shown in the troop but when I try to connect with her, I get the pop-up saying I’m not connected.
I’m part of the key 3, so I should have editing abilities. I tried the profile—>positions—>connections—>update solution. It didn’t work.
I tried doing it and then refreshing and logging out and logging back in. Still didn’t work.

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Please send an e-mail to scoutbook.support@scouting.org with the Scout’s name, BSA#, council and unit along with your name and BSA#. Ask them to reconnect you to your Scout. Please post the SSD number you receive in one of the automated replies here so we can have the case investigated by the developers. Unit admins are not supposed to lose connections to any Scouts in the unit.

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It might be worthwhile to make sure Council didn’t issue her a new BSA ID number with the new paperwork…

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