Accidentially added another Parent for my Scout

Good Evening,

It appears I accidentially added another leader as a parent/guardian to my son.

The only parent that should be listed for my son is myself Jeremy Henderson.

My sons information:

BSA Membership Number: 136594398
Scoutbook User ID: 10508753
Council Name: Alamo Area Council
Unit: Pack 109

How can I correct this issue?

Thank you for your assistance,
Jeremy Henderson

You can ask the other adult leader to go to your [Scout]'s Connections page in Scoutbook, click on their name, and remove their erroneous “Parent / Guardian” connection.

Or you can ask your local council to remove the incorrect parent connection.

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Although @JenniferOlinger didn’t mention it explicitly, there’s no way for anyone other than council or the erroneously connected adult to remove their Parent/Guardian connection in Scoutbook.

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