Wrong Person on Parent/Guardian and can't remove

I am the Scout Master for our unit, I have a scout that somehow had someone added as a parent that is not the parent and not related to the scout at all. The person that was added as the parent is on the committee of an old troop the scout belonged to and I believe this was done accidentally. But now I can’t remove them and add the scouts other parent. Please help! I have tried editing connections in several different places, but it doesn’t authorize me to make the change. The incorrect parent/guardian’s name is
L. Lounsbury. The other parent is correct and I would like to add the father, but can’t until the wrong parent is removed. The Scout’s SB User ID: 11547323 BSA Member ID: 137088190 in Crossroads of the West Council.
Sheri’ Nielsen Scout Master 314G

@Sheri_Nielsen your council can clear this using VST tool.

What should I ask them to do? I have asked them and they tell me they don’t have access to scoutbook.

They can use the VST tool to remove the connection. If they cannot help, talk to scout executive and ask why staff is not trained perhaps?

IF the fake parent is not connected yet you should be able to delete it.

VST = Volunteer Support Tools