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My son has an extra adult listed in Scoutbook as a Parent/Guardian. This person is not a part of our family or Troop. We do not have an option to remove him (relationship toggle switches are grayed out). What is the process to get this stranger removed?

Is it the same name as you?

Yes, same first and last name. Different BSA ID, Email address, and zip code.

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Is it the same name as you?

OK I merged your 2 accounts. I broke the connection of the false parent. Might still show but they are not connected

Hello Donovan,

I see that you may be able to help me. My name is listed twice. My son Phoenix is attached to my active account, but my two sons Remington and Everest are attached to an account (in my name - a duplicate account) that I cannot access. Basically, the two accounts with my name need to be merged into the one account that has Phoenix listed, so that I can have one name and my three sons on one account. Thank you!

@KathrynNguyen1 do you want your @yahoo or @gmail ? I have merged the Accounts - use your my.scouting credentials to log in

We have a scout in our troop with an adult who is not his parent attached to his account in scoutbook (his mother is also correctly attached). The “incorrect” adult is a parent of a former scout in our troop who was somehow sent the wrong link years ago. We’ve tried reaching out via email/phone to get them to unlink but have not received a response. Is it possible to remove the connection manually? The scout in question is MID 13451704 and the “incorrect” parent is MID 13418414. Thanks for any help or guidance you can provide.
Ben Groverman


Your council can remove the incorrect parent.

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