Account Help Please - My Scouting Positions Locked

BSA Member # 137511443 is a den leader, den admin, and pack admin for Pack 231. However, he has reported that he no longer has the ability to adjust his positions (add new or edit current) under the My Scouting Positions tab. He does have a second member number (one child registered to 137511451, the second registered to 137511443 - PRIMARY) so he was unsure if this was causing a problem. He would like to be able to edit his scouting positions. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thank you.

@DavisWright Try this - Go to unit Roster > Click your name > click Admin > click Update - that might solve it

Thank you. I tried this and it did not fix the issue. Under my den, I can type in a date to end my existing roles with the Pack (which I am not trying to do), but I cannot add a new role (such as Pack advancement chair). When clicking on My Account → My Positions → My Current Positions & Roles, I cannot edit the current positions or add a new position. I am also unable to edit any of the prior roles. I recall there used to be a red button that said +ADD, but it no longer exists.

Screen Shot 2023-03-15 at 2.33.17 PM

You do not see Add at top of page?

No, that button is not there anymore (and it shows overall tenure at 0 days, although the underlying positions are showing tenure).

Good morning, wanted to check and see if there was a solution to this. That button does not show up on my screen. Thank you.

Would really need to do a screenshare I think to see it

If you are pack admin you do not need Den Admin - have you reset the admin positions?

I did reset the admin positions; the “ADD” button did not reappear.

@DavisWright Try going through the Pack Roster page – not My Positions.

Went to “My Units” —> clicked on Pack 231—> selected “Pack Roster” at the bottom of the page. I am not able to access any adults’ record (for example, my name is not hyperlinked - appears black, not red), but I am able to modify the kids’ records using the above.

Alternatively, I went to “My Units” —> clicked on Pack 231 —> clicked on Bear Den —> My name appears in red (is hyperlinked) —> Select my name —> resulting page show that I am Pack Admin, Den Admin, Den Leader in current positions (with 4 PAST Assistant Den Leader positions that I don’t really understand, but am not going to get worked up about). I am able to select Pack Admin, Den Admin and Den Leader to modify them. But the only modification I can make is to change the start date or put in an end date. I cannot add a new position or make other modifications.

Screenshots are below

I should probably add that I have a third number in Scoutbook: 119136034

This is from a prior counsel and that number is probably no longer active. I’m not sure if that is contributing to the problem.

Good morning,

I was searching the web last night for answers to this issue and came across this on the forums:

From the the previously provided MIDs, are any/all of them not the number I registered under? Has the unit’s charter fully processed?


I do not show up on our troop roster as assistant scoutmaster? It’s on my positions along with Cubmaster for the pack , but I do not show up on the roster? I did notice I do not have a green check mark next to my assistant scoutmaster on the positions page.
Thank you.

@BrockButz looks like an admin needs to approve the position - they have 2 keys in roster

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