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Merge SCOUTBOOK Account

I’m looking to merge two duplicate accounts in Scoutbook.

The Primary Account should be:
BSA Member ID # 135041017, UserID 1939483

Please merge Member ID # 137328900, UserID 9918595.

Thank you!

You have this backwards @Casey 137328900 has the current registration - they are merged

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Great! Thanks for fixing and letting me know which is which. The parents gave me the 017 as the primary… not even sure they were aware the other existed.

@DonovanMcNeil - can you delete the duplicate “mom” on the 137328900 account? It’s the one that has changeyouremail@scoutbook.com.

@Casey that is done for you

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Is there anyway for you to merge these 2 accounts. I have a den leader that can’t access his den:
Merge into 135599405
from ID with the training : 13009902

Thank you so much

@WendyMinor-Finch this is fixed 9902 is the one you want to keep

Can you help me fix an account?

I can’t change the email on the account to the write one because there already exists an account for that email. The account I want to keep is BSA: 136249141 and the one I want to get rid of is User Id: 9998704

@SarahThompson4 This should be fixed now. This user should log in with his my.scouting username and password.

Please have the user double-check his e-mail at my.scouting and in Scoutbook.

Can you help me merge two accounts? Parent Kim Martin has bsa number 13086579. Kimberly Martin den leader has BSA number 136449805 assigned to her. I don’t remember this problem last year, so maybe it happened with recharter.
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@DawnCarlisle this is all fixed

Email address needs a o (letter) not a 0 (number), please

never mind, she got it! thank you so much!

Can you merge a Scout’s two BSA numbers, please. He left his original troop, 131288274 and when he transferred they gave him a new number. Now he is back with his original troop.

13321235, and his original current number 131288274

Thank you

@CM32 we cannot do anything with BSA numbers - talk to council

Hi, I have 2 leaders with duplicate accounts. Can you help merge them?
1: leader BSA number 13676518 with parent 137133459

2: leader BSA number 135131006 with Parent 12858962


@DawnCarlisle first is fixed on the second parent did you mean 12858963?

yes, please. Thank you!

@DawnCarlisle ok fixed

I have an issue with one of my merit badge counselors:
In scoutbook, BSA ID is listed as 13182779. In my.scouting, his YPT is shown as current.
But his primary BSA ID 131493861 shows his YPT expired on 03/20/2021.

He has tried to merge, but ‘manage my id’ doesn’t seem to load fully (?)–there is no option to add an additional BSA ID