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Three account issues in Pack 4201, Council 635. These 3, I think, had a similar issue last year.

This leader, Derek, has the yellow triangle, but is current after charter posted in my.scouting. He had 2 id’s earlier in the year and merged to this one. BSA# 13329150 is what he is registered under in my.scouting and what shows up in Scoutbook.

There is a duplicate account with an Anthony and a Tony. BSA# 136061890 is the one he is registered under in my.scouting, but Tony BSA# 12983795 is the one that has his email address and what he has been using in Scoutbook.

Eric is duplicated. We had him fixed at one point. He has 2 Scoutbook entries both with # 136060722. Keep the one with the Green Bay address.



We can’t do anything with accounts until the internet connection to the BSA National Office is restored.

Ok. Everything seems good connection wise on my end in Wisconsin. Is it read only?


The tools the SUAC uses to investigate issues and merge accounts are hosted in the BSA National Data Center in Texas. Scoutbook is hosted by Amazon Web Services so it is not affected by the Texas power outages.

Just bumping this back into the flow. Let me know if I need to do anything or provide more info.

#1 - we will report all looks fine though
#2 - first Council needs to fix names so they are the same then they can merge MIDs - then we can fix Scoutbook Accounts
#3 - is merged - takes time for all syncs to happen

@Matt.Johnson - #1 the charter has not been fully processed - so the ACTIVE AKELA position has an end date of 12/32/2020 - the new position is there but on hold till council takes action - I think that is what is causing it

Ok. I will hold until fully processed. It is odd how it seems like they are done since the beascout registration is back on. But I guess it is still not 100% done.

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