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Hi I have been using this for years and just transitioned to a troop from a pack and can no longer get signed in. Do i have to create a new account for myself and my son?

David Lafko and Xavier Lafko

@DavidLafko - you should not have to create new accounts. Can you log into with your existing logon.

Yes, I can but in Scout books I get an error that says there’s no associated account any longer. I don’t know if you can look in Scout books and see if you can still see me.

@DavidLafko but you can get into ok?

Yep I’m in here with my user id.

@DavidLafko I tried one thing - try Scoutbook again

That worked to get me in but know it’s showing us back in the pack vs the troop

Troop 624

@DavidLafko how so - or what exactly are you seeing

Oh I see? let me look

Screenshot 2024-06-12 at 10.48.46 AM

Your scout is not registered in the Troop

The parent transfer will not work as Scout is under a different BSA # for you - I recommend that you contact your local council and ask them to use the Registrar Tools to look up your children. When they look up your children, they want to check your children’s “User Relationship” and make sure that your children are connected to you as parent with Only your correct BSA member ID number

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Great thanks I will let them know. I was concerned that they re-chartered them under the pack instead of the troop.

they did do that - he is in pack till 3/25

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