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Orphaned cross over scouts

Hello. Please help. We have emailed support on this with no response. I know it is a busy time with scouts starting up. We have 5 boys who were in a cub scout pack using scoutbook. The scout master of that troop ended their membership in scoutbook without adding me (admin of boy scout troop) as a connection. The boys disappeared from the cubscout scoutbook and I can not add them to our boyscout scoutbook. I have all their info (BSA number, name, birthday, etc) but it still does not recognize these boys as existing on scoutbook.

Is there any other way to get these boys into our troop? I have read that I need to email support which it did. Is there a phone number I can call?

Thanks for any help.

Hi, @MikeTills,

Were the parents connected to the scouts? The parents can log in to their own accounts, click on their scout under My Dashboard -> My Family, go to the scout’s Memberships tab, and add a membership in your troop. Then, you should get a request to approve them, which should connect you to them with Full Control as the unit admin.

Alternatively, you can wait for the transfer paperwork to be processed by your council registrar, which should automatically add them to your roster and link their Scoutbook accounts.

@MikeTills - if it was a matter of ending the membership then any connection to unit admins would still remain. They should be able to add the troop membership.

if you have their data you could use the transfer tool > Roster > under the Scout list

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THANK YOU! The transfer in tool worked for 3 of the 5 boys. I need to confirm birthdates.

It says it is UNOFFICIAL until the application is submitted. Is that something that we should have filed? I will check at committee meeting tonight.

Thanks again!

Thanks…The admins of the cub troop do not see the boys

Thanks…We used the transfer took to get 3 of the 5 in. We will use the parent method you describe for the other 2.

Thanks so much!!

Yes, the parents of each Scout need to fill out and submit to the troop a BSA youth application (one application for each Scout). The Scoutmaster (or Scoutmaster’s designee) signs the application, and then the troop turns the app. in to your council. Make sure that the “Transfer application” info. is filled in at the bottom of the application so that your council does not create a new BSA ID number for them.

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