Issue with Pack to Troop Transfer

I have a couple of scouts to transfer from a local pack to our troop. I had the parent of one scout log into their account, click on the fleur-de-lis next to Menu, select My Applications, and transfer their scout to our troop. The SM then logged into their account and in Application Manager found that scout was listed there twice. He clicked to approve both that were listed (same scout - PM, member ID # 137510440). This scout has not appeared in the Troop in Scoutbook. Does this time time or should he be there right away? I thought he might end up duplicated, but he isn’t showing up at all. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Look at roster at first - Scoutbook happens later

@JoanneD Did the Scoutmaster just approve the transfer application today?

You usually have to wait for an overnight automated process to run.

Thanks to both of you. I read both that it was “instant” and that it took some time (overnight or other?) so I wasn’t sure when to be concerned. I feel like I don’t have the answers for the new parents because I haven’t done this particular thing before, and I don’t want to miss something that I should have done differently.

@JoanneD I do see 2 BSA member numbers for the Scout and also 2 Scoutbook userIDs.

However, I think it would be better to wait until the Membership Update process has run before trying to merge the Scoutbook userIDs.

I absolutely agree. That’s something that I have encountered before. Once he shows up, can I post here again with a new topic and have the account merging taken care of here?

@JoanneD If you could remind us tomorrow or later this week, we can take another look.

You don’t need to open another topic.

Perfect, thank you! I really appreciate the help.

It seems to be both! Some parts will see to move quickly and others will take overnight. I always give it 24-36 hours before I declare something “not right”.

That’s a perfect plan! I will most definitely do that in the future. I’m way out of my element here, so I’m writing every single thing down for myself or somebody else in our Troop in the future.

@JoanneD I have merged this Scout’s Scoutbook accounts.

If you use patrols in Scoutbook, the recommended way to move Scouts into a patrol is to go to the Patrol page and use the “Reassign Scout(s)” button.

Thank you! I’ve been working on this all morning, and jumped for joy when I saw just one account for that scout this morning. I am trying to put together a comprehensive document for our troop that I can use in the future, or whoever will be doing this next time. I’m waiting to hear confirmation on which patrol I’m assigning and then I will go and do that. Thankfully I’ve done that before!
I do have a couple more questions for you, but I’m waiting for some clarification from a parent before submitting them here.

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