Parent can't view Scoutbook account for new unit

Hi! We have a scout that transferred in from out of state. His previous BSA # is 136702483 and he is now showing # 137348640 in our unit. Mom can only see previous pack details. Thanks so much for your help!

@AmberMendoza I merged account BUT I see no current log ins - might want to find out the user name as there might be a hidden account

Thank you! I reached out to mom and she is using (email address removed by moderator). She also said:

I am trying to create a new login username but i think it’s picking with my email ID and name and prompting me that ‘a record already exists and should we retrieve that’… if I select to retrieve then it is referring to previous pack if I deny to retrieve old info then it is asking me to contact the scout team.

Looking at her screenshots, I can she is using her name but her scout’s Member ID so I think that is the problem. She may need to have her BSA accounts merged as well then I can give her the correct Member ID to use?

It sounds like she is trying to log into my.scouting not Scoutbook. Her BSA# is

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