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Scoutbook no longer recognizes parent account after son switched troops

After I completed the online transfer process for my son to move to a new troop, my parent scoutbook account no longer works. I attempted multiple times to reset password which would not work. It also says my email is not recognized. Perhaps the account is locked? Can someone please assist? Let me know what information is needed.

@KatrinaTallarico is it a new council? What is Scouts BSA #? (just # no name)

@KatrinaTallarico I think this might be fixed now if you can log back into Scoutbook

ok. I will try it with my password.

I did receive the password reset email this time which is progress. I reset/confirmed the password to :::::::::::::blush: via the email link. It appeared to work but then brought me to the scouting.org screen. I re-entered my email address and password above. Got the message that password was invalid. My son’s member ID is 131237740. Could it be scoutbook and scouting.org passwords are out of synch?

Katrina Tallarico


Are you trying to login with your email?

@KatrinaTallarico we cannot reset your password with your email log in - but your council can

Should I be using something else to login besides my email?

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