Accounts for a Scout Not Automatically Merging

We had a Scout join our Troop after a break from Cub Scouts. This is his first Troop as a Scouts, BSA member. His break from former Pack was approximately 1 year.

We filled out his application, and created an account for him in Scoutbook, expecting that when the application was processed, the accounts would merge based on exact name spelling and birthdate. They did not.

Please merge the two accounts. Primary account will be BSA ID 133615273, User ID 1243911 (Registrar revived this old account.)

Account to be merged into primary is UID 11840040, no BSA ID for this account.

And, if you can, please tell me what went wrong. Was I mistaken in expectations that these would merge based on keys of name and birthdate??

Thanks in advance,

Scouter Rob

I will take a look at the issue

I merged them. If he had any advancements in ScoutNET not in SB, they will be in Scoutbook after 5pm CT.

Thank You for the rapid reply!

Accounts do not normally merge on their own. I think it probably would have worked better if you had used Scoutbook’s “Transfer in Scout” button to add the Scout’s pre-existing Scoutbook account to your toop.


Also if you did a paper application make sure that old BSA ID number is on the application so a new number is not created.

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Thanks, but neither I nor the parent had the old ID number, so couldn’t transfer him in (no current registration), nor put it on the app.

Hi, @ScouterRob,

You’ve probably already thought of this, but having a parent call the registrar at the council in which they were previously registered often can net you the BSA ID for a scout in the situation you described. I’ve done that a couple of times with the addendum to the request “because it will help y’all avoid creating a duplicate that has to be merged later”. Offering to minimize future “corrective” work often helps me get things done when I’m asking staff for help. :^)

Yes, Charley, thought of that, too, for his paper application…but our registrar was on vacation.

Again, he had no current registration, and the parent did not know if there was an account extant in Scoutbook. And, I do not think it appropriate to make a Scout wait weeks before he can start tracking his progress in Scoutbook, RSVP to events, get notifications, etc…

Our system should be more agile than this…

I agree that the system should better adapted to some of these “standard issues”. Hopefully that’s coming with the new back/front end for the staff that keeps getting referenced by SUAC.

None of us want to make a scout wait for paperwork clearance to start participating. It can be hard enough to keep their attention once they are participating. :^)

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