Accounts to merge

We have three adults with duplicate accounts in Scoutbook. Can you please merge them? Thanks.

First problem - 14095645 (primary) & 13448019 (MBC). Can you correct the middle name spelling to “Lujan” rather than “Lujuan”?

Second problem - 137484000 (primary) & 14080208

Third problem - 12211712 (primary) & 13623588

I need to merge my account, I have 2 profiles in scoutbook. My primary account is 3984264 and the other is 2596020. It will not allow me to change my email address on my primary because I have the other profile listed with that email address.

@JohnDockstader #1 talk to council - that is their registration issue - they need to fix in Registrar tools and VST

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@JohnDockstader #2 & 3 are fixed

@ClintUhrig that is fixed

I have multiple accounts as well. 2 ID that I know are:

There is a third that I don’t have handy currently but same name.


By that name and DOB those are the only 2 - I put them under management at > Manage Member ID

Thank you. I will check and let you know if I have any further problems.

Need to merge SB accounts:
Old SB Account
SB User ID: 12277327
BSA ID: 14070374

New SB Account
SB User ID: 12274454
BSA ID: 14070373


@DanielOwens1 that is fixed - no idea why council gave a new number

I apparently also have multiple accounts, can you help?
One is SB User ID:
BSA Member ID:
and the other I don’t know but uses the same email address (which is how I found out about it, I got a warning that there was another account using my email address when the CubMaster tried to add my older son to my account so I can see both of them.)

@KatherineAllen Your Scoutbook accounts have been merged.

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