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Achievement Requirements wrong in Calendar

I guess this is a request for Scoutbook to be updated. When you set up an event in Calendar, you can select which Achievements will be satisfied with that event. It’s a great feature if you also keep track of attendance at each event. When you go back to the Event’s edit page, the adventure shows all requirements by default but you can click on the adventure and manually change which numbers will be done at the event and which are “home assignments.” Unfortunately, when you get to the adventure’s requirements, everything listed is for the pre-2018 changes.

A good example of this is the Outdoor Adventurer adventure for Arrow of Light. Now there are two options the scouts can follow but they’re not reflected in the “Complete at Event” list.

Does anyone know when/if this will be fixed?

This was recently reported and is in a queue to be fixed

Just so you know - even if you take attendance the advancements are NOT recorded for the scouts - you still need to go in and mark them.

Well that’s irritating! Why bother having it then?

it is a planning tool. Den Leader Experience (the Den Leader login in option) has an attendance advancement feature

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