SB Calendar Event didn't populate Advancement

I created an event in the calendar on Scoutbook and added Planned Advancement items. After the event, I recorded attendance, but the Planned Advancement items weren’t checked off as completed for my Scouts. Is there a way to have the planned advancement record on the Scouts’ Rank Requirements Advancement so that all that has to be done is approve them?

The planned advancement never operated that way, for a number of reasons. For example, a scout attends the meeting, but leaves early and doesn’t complete all of the planned advancement. Crediting advancement based off of marking attendance would credit the scout for work they didn’t complete. A similar situation arises if not everything planned was ultimately completed at the meeting/event. All it ever did was show that something was planned if the scout or parent selected the requirement in the advancement page.

ETA: You can, however, use quick entry to enter advancement completed by scouts in bulk.

Then how come that is how the Den Leader Experience works? It assigns Adventures to meetings and then when attendance is marked, it checks off all the Adventure requirements even if there are requirements that weren’t done at the meeting.

Because DLE was designed as an inflexible interface, and that’s just one of the reasons many of us dislike it so intensely.


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