Not Updating Planned Advancement in Calendar Events when updating attendance

We used to be able to set up an event and choose the planned adventures for each Den/or the Pack in SB.

We would then go back after the event and click and set the attendance of the kids who were there and it would auto-populate those planned advancements, since they attended, to their Rank progress. It was an easy way for our Leaders to pre-plan things and then record attendance and advancement in 1 go.

We have been unable to get it to do this since May and I have been going back to have to manually enter in the advancements.

Am I missing something? Did this feature go away? How can I preplan events and den meetings with advancements and then use the attendance to auto-populate them working on those planned advancements?


To my knowledge, this has never worked that way. The only way to get attendance taking to mark requirements done at a meeting complete is, I believe, when using the Den Leader Experience interface.

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@JenniferPfile - native scoutbook never ever did that. It was a planning feature to have advancement items attached to the calendar and that was it.

I know for a fact we have done it before back in 2020. We have done it for pack camping trips.

I’ll look into the Den Leader experience thing further. i thought that was all Beta and not official though.

What is the point of having us enter planned advancement and attendance on an event if it does not auto-populate the advancements to the Scouts when they attend? That should be the entire point of doing it, in order to make Leader’s lives easier.

I’m interested to hear what others have to say or know a way to do this

@JenniferPfile - not to argue with you but having been a scoutbook user for a while and when it was subscription based that never ever happened.

Original Notice 7 years ago:

and the current help guide:

Stephen is correct. The planned advancement in the calendar never marked advancement complete. Just because a Scout attends a meeting does not mean the Scout completed the requirement. Some Scouts could arrive late/leave early or otherwise not do the work required to have completed the requirement.

The planned advancement is there for planning purposes only. If a Scout were to look at the planned requirements there would be a note that says something to the effect of “To be completed on MM/DD/YY” or “Assigned to be completed at home”.


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