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Activating Online Applications

Is there a lag between turning on online applications and having it go live? We got the “your pin has been updated” email four hours ago, but our listing still hasn’t changed. I’d like to direct a couple of families to go there to sign up, but can’t until I know it’s working!

There’s still no change to our pin. Does the change need to go to someone else for approval? This is what I see when I open up the pin management page. Did I miss something?

I split this into a new topic.

I think there is another step for you to do @ChristyDryden - let me look - in the mean time look here -

@ChristyDryden - yes a Key 3 need to go to my.scouting and then Organization Manager > Settings - you have to set up some things there too

I think there must have been some sort of delay in refreshing the table or something because this morning it showed up. I’m sure that the other Key 3 people would have mentioned if they had changed anything.
There really weren’t any options on that page anyway that were editable except for the choice to opt-in to sending an explanation of fees and welcome email. Maybe the council set those for us?
In any case, I’m all set now.