Activity Log Access

I can’t access the Activity Logs. I logged out and relogged in with a new browser. Every time when I try edit it seems to log me out. I was able to review the report but one problem is a scout is not showing on a trip in the report that he looks to be associated with.

This is the screen I get when I switch from Scoutbook to Activity Logs.

@JDeMeritt - are you able to log in there ? I get the same thing but just log in. I just tried and I was brought right to the roster page in IA so direct from scoutbook worked.

@Stephen_Hornak those fields Username/Password are not available to me if I click Try Now it brings me back to the Scoutbook login and when I enter the password I am back at Scoutbook not the Activity Logs.

@JDeMeritt - have you even logged into before ?

@JDeMeritt - you need to click in the box that says username and use your scoutbook(MYST) logon then click in password and enter your password then chick the I am not a robot box

Yes, but that is not the normal way I typically go in. It is also a problem I get to the same screen. I have have been using Chrome. I tried it in Edge and it worked but figured I would need to clear my cache.

Before I cleared my Chrome Cache In Edge I tried this and it broke.

  • I tried to access a scout’s activity and it launched me into the sign in screen again.

  • I then tried to get to the Activity Logs for E/E which are not available back to the same screen.

  • AL Reports which work when I first sign in no longer accessible get this error: Single Sign On (SSO) is required to run reports. Please login to Scoutbook with your Scoutbook email address, then use the “Switch SSO Profile” option on My Account page and enter your (my.Scouting) UserName and Password.
    ref: PD-20230821082519-560763-865855

  • It seems like when I access the scout it does not work and it puts in a log in loop.

@Stephen_Hornak I cannot get to the username prompt when I put my mouse over the username get the red no symbol.

I wasn’t clear from the posts so far. Do you get the mo entry symbol when you try going directly to, or just when you come in via Scoutbook?

Do you have sign-in with Google/Apple credentials set for your account?

Also, have you tried a forced refresh (different from clearing cache) of the page in your browsers? I find that IA2 caches a lot of things, and my login easily gets out-of-date if I don’t force a refresh.

Correct now I can’t get into I am prompted but can’t access username/password

@JDeMeritt - might as well post your BSA ID

.I think that the admins can generally pull that from their view of the forums

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I just used Firefox was able to get to IA and view the scouts individual Activity Log. @CharleyHamilton I cleared the Cache in Chrome was able to get back in IA but as soon as I try to look at the same scout Activity Log I get the log in screen and can no longer get into IA.

@JDeMeritt - i get the feeling that this is a browser issue

Odd. That sounds almost like some sort of glitch tied to the scout, rather than just your account. If you post their BSA ID (no name), the SUAC folks may be able to take a look at the scout’s account to see if anything unusual pops up.

One more question, what’s your registered position in the unit? Not all registered positions have access to the logs, nor are automatically connected to the scouts. In addition to your registered position, do you have any “functional” roles assigned in my.scouting? For example, under My Profile in my.scouting, I show up as a Key 3 Delegate under the Functional Roles heading. I wonder if that sort of mismatch might be fouling things up somehow.

Have you tried a private window - sounds like a plug in or extension to me


I have an issue where my account that I login to does not show my son’s account. I am an ASM and my son is a boy scout. The scoutmaster of my troop can see both mine and my son’s account and it lists me as the parent but I can’t see it. Any help to resolve this account issue is greatly appreciated.

@JanakaRanatunga - when you log in what do you see ?

@JanakaRanatunga top right of page there is a dropdown with positions

I don’t see my son listed on the menu options

@JanakaRanatunga - what do you see if you log into

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