Not able to Access ScoutBook Activity Log

I am not able to access the Scout Activity Log. I am a parent and was able to access it earlier. I have added service activities that were pending for approval. Now I have no access either through website or app.

If I go to
I get an error message “ Error-You are not authorized to access to this API”

If I go through the ScoutBook app, I get the message, “Unable to retrieve the activities. Please try again.”

Please let me know if this can be resolved.

Thank you

Are you talking about for your own child or for the e tire pack/troop?

I am trying to enter service activities that my kids did. They helped in a few Eagle Service projects and was trying to enter the hours under Activity Log-Service hours.

Looks like I don’t have access now and it’s only allowed for troop leaders. Previously though I did have access and would enter hours and it would be approved by the leader.

In the upper right is a down down. Are you selecting the option that has your child’s name and says parent/guardian?

Yes, I am selecting that option. I am only a parent/guardian and only have my kids connected to my account . I don’t have any leadership position(key3, advancement chair, troop admin)

As a parent, I had access to my kids activity logs, I could fill in their activities and it would appear as ‘pending’ until the unit leader approves the activity, but now there is no access.

It happen the same to me I could not review the activities which I enter for my kids to Scout master to approve any more.

I am now able to see/add Activity logs on the app.

Probably the recent maintenance of the app helped.

Thank you!

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