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When I run the activity summary report for my unit, incorrect totals appear in the hiking miles column. They appear to be capturing the value for Frost Points earned by each scout over the same time period. Checked one year and 3+ year time spans and same result with hike miles matching frost points exactly.

Camping days and nights are incorrect. One scout with 42 nights / 57 days in his log shows 41 nights / 30 days in the summary. Another with 50 nights / 70 days has 54 nights / 38 days in the summary.

Service projects are also incorrect. Each scout shows as having 1 project in a > 3-year span. Spot-checked service hours not all correct. One scout with 26 projects totalling 87 hours is reported as having 70 hours. Another with 65 hours is credited with only 49 on the summary.

Adult log values, where present, are populated in the summary. Even though a hyperlink is provided, I am unable to open my own log to cross-check the numbers.

Downloading the CSV file from the summary report, the space between first name and last name is omitted for both youth and adult.

Their individual logs appear to be correct based on my recollection of the events the troop conducted and recorded in Scoutbook.

@KennethAdams can you run it again and see if issues are fixed - we did not understand your Service issue so we might need a screenshare to isolate that

The number of Campouts, Service Projects, and Hikes does not reflect the number in which the scout participated. Note that it is reported as one in each case.

Here’s the individual report from the scout Christian listed on the summary. Note that on the summary it reports one campout with 9 nights, 10 days, and 7 frost points, when he actually attended four. Same for hiking, where the summary says one event but he attended two, and service projects where he participated in three events.

@KennethAdams are you sure the date range is the same? If so Post the URL for each of these reports and I will hand off to developers

The date range has to be the same, because I clicked the link on the summary report to produce the individual report. The error is likely in the event counting routine for each category of event type. I see the same result when I run a 10-year time span, each returns one as the number of events.

Advancement summary report is https://scoutbook.scouting.org/reports/output. Here’s the header on the summary:

The link to access an individual scout’s report from the summary is javascript:aaFormSubmit(‘frmUserList’, ‘https://my.scouting.org/vim2/webscript/output/proxy.aspx?Method=ExecuteScriptSet&ScriptSetCode=SBALActivityLogReport&scriptcode=ReportPresentation&ApplicationType=SBL&OrganizationGUID=6694A842-0103-4809-8432-2595599893F5&PersonGUID=786FF6C9-0298-490E-A02D-08C2904A5B19’, 3)

Here’s the header produced for that report:

@KennethAdams ok - you have a few minutes for me to set up a screenshare to see a thing or 2

Happy to do it, want to make bugs go splat.

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@KennethAdams ok this fix is live now - note on this report - you can click any of the scouts name and go straight to their personal activity report in case you did not know

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