Activity Log-ASM Unable to Select Participants from Unit Roster

I am a registered ASM (BSA ID: 12383390) in the unit, and ACTIVELY maintained and updated activity logs for over six months. I am still able to create activity log “events”, but unable to select and add unit participants to the same events. I performed numerous hard resets and attempted this in various browsers (Firefox; Chrome; Safari). I last had access 2024/06/05R, and discovered the “loss” of access on 2024/06/16X, after returning from NYLT staff (nine days in camp).
Please advise on source/reason for access change, and potential remedy.

@NicholasPOWELL - does the list populate but can not be selected? Perhaps some sceen shots

I did find this:

Not the OP, but putting in my 2 cents here.

There really needs to be a more granular permission set for these things. I used to do this for my unit until they changed the permissions several months ago, but they aren’t going to give me Key 3 Delegate or Advancement Coordinator permissions (nor should they) just so I can manage activity attendance for the unit.

Now I create the activities, enter all the names in the Description, and then have to notify the SM to go in and assign all the participants (and makes sure nights/hours, etc are individually correctly transferred from the comments. As a slight workaround i can add myself and my kids to the unit activities I’ve created through our profiles, but can’t for other profiles.

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Thank you both for your replies/feedback.

I prefer to proceed WITHOUT screen shots, as it will require me to “blur” personal Scout details. Briefly, ALL “selection” boxes to left of each unit member are grey/not selectable, when they formerly were (~two weeks ago).

I am an ASM, but not presently assigned any additional role(s). Is my role not considered a “Unit Leader” as alluded to in the KB article you reference? The fact that it starts with “Unit Leaders”, and then lists specific separate roles, makes one think ASM is a “Unit Leader”. As stated previously, I have performed in this capacity for over six months WITHOUT any obstacle. Why now? Especially, when BSA national and councils are “screaming” for units to track and record these details (esp. service hours). Shall we reload so they can shoot themselves in the OTHER foot?

I appreciate your role and guidance. However, as stated in many ways by MANY of us, the constantly moving targets, lack of transparency, and shifting features and permissions are extremely tiresome and frustrating.

Related potential solution: how many troop admins may a unit assign?

Also, I find it highly unusual that, at a minimum, I am unable to select my son or myself.

@NicholasPOWELL - the unit leader is cubmaster, scoutmaster, crew advisor. There is no limit on unit admin

So you are doing this via the roster. What is your selection in the upper right of ?

My unit selection is Scouts BSA Troop 15. I make the selection via roster because for the past few months, that is the only viable option. The alternate means (pick list from within the event details) has not been available for 4-5 months (and I have tried again recently, and have performed hard resets).

From this image you can see that I am logged in to Troop 15, viewing the unit roster. My record is the fourth item listed on the roster page (BSA ID: 12383390). My role and privileges have only ever been ASM, and I successfully created and updated activity log entries until ~2 weeks ago. Please note that the selection field column is now “grey”, and NOT allowing me to select ANY roster member, including my son (BSA ID: 133877026), or myself.

Please advise on why this is NOW the status, whether it is intentional or not, and what remedy(-ies) may be sought to restore my former access.

I am a parent of a Scout in the troop, and both me and my son are present on the troop roster. I was able to create and update activity log entries until ~2 weeks ago. My role has only ever been ASM. Something is NOT adding up, as I have been performing this task for over eight months, and nothing in my profile has changed.

My previous Scouting Forum entry that you allude to (IA Activity Log Roster Empty) occurred when the dropdown “pick-list” from within an activity log entry stopped populating. At that point I was told to update from the point of roster; select Scouts and adults, and add to an existing activity log event.

@NicholasPOWELL - do you still have unit admin as a role in your account>my positions in As the documentation states the position of ASM alone would restrict what you can do. This may need to be a conversation with your unit key 3.

ASMs should be able to log activities and fill in rosters. This is an arbitrary and unnecessary restriction. Scoutmasters should be able to delegate this job to their ASMs. We previously were rotating which ASM recorded the activity based on who attended. Now there is an an extra and unnecessary layer of work required to get things recorded. Having to hand the correct list to the advancement chair or scoutmaster makes extra work for people who already do a lot.


I believe they can, by making them an admin. Per the G2A a number of items reside with the SM unless delegated. So, ASM getting this by default wouldn’t meet that “unless delegated”.


Thanks @Matt.Johnson - where can I find the instructions on how a SM can make an ASM an admin in Scoutbook+ so they can record activities (without making them a Key 3 Delegate nor an Advancement Coordinator in my.scouting – both of which confer additional permissions that wouldn’t be appropriate)?

FWIW, I agree with Karen – it should not require making the ASM an Admin in Scoutbook+ to allow them to record activities; that’s a permission that should come with the ASM role.

@PaulLanzi - not all place ASM in overall admin roles.

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Again, the G2A says that service hours as approved by your scoutmaster, not SM or ASM. So, often like many things in Scoutbook, the permissions reflect that. If the SM thinks ASMs should have that ability, they can make them an admin or a key3 delegate.

If it is fixed for those who are admins, an admin can make someone an admin in Scoutbook (original).

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If it is fixed for those who are admins, an admin can make someone an admin in Scoutbook (original).

Ok, so the process is to make the ASM a Troop Admin in Classic Scoutbook and then Scoutbook+ will let them record Activities – do I have that correct?


Yes, although you might need to wait for an overnight sync to run after you get added as an Admin in Scoutbook.

@PaulLanzi - this would be helpful to read through if you have not already