Activity log permissions and UX issue

I have been managing the Activity log in Internet Advancement for our unit. With all the recent changes, I no longer have access to do that. What permissions/roles are needed for that, who can assign them and how?

Additionally, the dropdown only shows my connection to my children and no longer shows my role in the unit as one of the options (I’m an ASM).

My BSA ID is 136956570

UX Issue: I’m having issues switching between my kids profiles. the navigation is entirely non-intuitive. If I am on the Youth Profile screen and I switch kids in the menu on the top right, the youth profile doesn’t update even though I’ve “changed modes” in IA. I have not experimented, but this could result in

Venting/Feature Request: Lastly, I think they’ve gone about the permissions all wrong. Functional permissions should be modular rather than functional role based. I am not Advancement Coordinator nor am I Key 3 or Key 3 delegate, but I am tasked with maintaining the Activity logs in our unit. Additionally, I am the Unit OA Rep Adviser (this is a functional ASM role), so as the primary OA adult, the unit should be able to give me permission to update OA information on all scout and scouter profiles.

I noticed that today also, i can only create an entry for myself and not for my unit.

The developers are aware of the issue

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