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Activity Log Bug - Can't Enter more than 1 Service Project on a single day

On August 22nd my troop did 3 separate service projects on that day. However, the Service Project Activity Log is only displaying the first one (Scouting for Food) that I entered. It is not showing the 2nd one I entered (spreading mulch on the playground of the nursery school run by our sponsoring organization. I haven’t entered the third yet until I can figure out why the 2nd isn’t showing up after being entered.

I was able to create two seperate hikes on the same days with no trouble today. What are you seeing on your Activity dashboard?

Here’s what I see when I have multiple events recorded at the same time:

I checked in a couple of the Scout’s profile, and it’s showing correctly there, too:

For me, for Service, your screenshots are what I expected to see but it only shows the first entry. At first I thought maybe I didn’t save the 2nd service project correctly and went and entered the data again. However, it still only shows the first service project only.

Are you on mobile or PC? What browser?

Windows 10 PC with Microsoft Edge (latest version). I don’t believe this is a visual bug as it wasn’t available in the Internet Advancement Activities view, nor was there any evidence of the hours from the 2nd project in the Activities Summary Report.

I’ve had mixed results using Edge with IA2 or my.scouting. However, I wasn’t able to recreate this issue with Edge when I tested it. Do you see the same behavior with other browsers?