Service Project not showing on Troop’s Activities Log

Whenever I’ve recorded our Troop’s service hours for projects (typically Eagle Projects) that span multiple days, I’ve entered the first day of the project as the activity start date and the last day as the activity end date and then just recorded the sum total of hours, across all days, for each participant. So far, this has seemed to be cleaner than creating separate entries for each day of the project.

Due to a series of delays, a recent Eagle Project ended up spanning two different calendar years - the first work day was at the end of October and the final work day was at the beginning of February. I recorded the service hours as I normally would, and a correct entry shows on each participant’s individual Service Log. However, the event does not display on the Troop’s Activity Log (matrix view or list view) for October 2022 or February 2023, nor any of the months in between, so I am unable to open the entry up for editing.

I suspect that this has something to do with the event spanning multiple calendar years. Is there a way to find and access the hidden entry for editing?

I had this happen to me when I accidentally entered in the wrong year. I was able to edit the event by going in through one of the scout’s service logs in their profile in IA.

Also, I recommend you enter in the individual workdays in the logs rather than start and end dates for the aggregate.

@JohnBowen think I would need to see it to understand it and pass the info on

@JohnBowen see what you did not sure how it happened - BUT how you can find it is by using the History TAB - search for the Scout name - Developers are trying to figure the issue.

Thank you, Joe and Donovan. I was able to edit the event and split it into separate days by finding and editing it through a Scout’s activity log. I do think I’ll go with seperate entries for each day in the future.

I had previously tried doing it through the entry on my own activity log, however there isn’t an option to edit entries on my own log. Not sure if that’s by design or not.

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