Activity Log Report Bug

PC, Microsoft Edge, Firefox.

Running an activity log report for conservations hours has several current scouts missing. The only way that we got them to show up was by checking the current scout box (It defaults off). All scouts were current for the date ran (Jan 1 to today).


What is the Ref: number at the bottom of the report with the missing Scouts?

ref: PD-20240506171935-366396-824030

The event in question was 3/23. Some scouts are showing on the top half (service log) but not the bottom half (conservation log). I thought my wife had entered them incorrectly. She was seeing them on her report (919594 on the list). I couldn’t figure out why, she said I had to click on the current scout option on the right hand side. She was right! Up popped the missing scouts on my report (Adelay and Allie on bottom half). For some reason everyone else was on top and bottom half.