Activity Log Report includes service projects with zero hours

When I generate an activity log report, it looks like every scout has a line item reported for every service activity they were on the invite/attendance list for, even if they didn’t attend/have 0 hours for that activity. This happens in both the CSV and the web versions of the report.

ref: PD-20240601124746-469018-251921 for an example

@JennyDunn - logically that makes sense. If they did not attend then you should remove them from the list for that event or mark them as not attended.

@JennyDunn did you take attendance on the event then make the Service log? or did you not take attendance?

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I believe we took attendance at all events.

So in IA, I click ‘Reports’ on the side bar, then click the ‘Reports’ tab, then next to ‘Activity Log Report’ I click view.

Then I search for all the service hours and conservation hours for the last year. I include eagle projects, choose only current scouts, and i include adults. I leave it on sort by scout.

Then I click Run.

Now, I see the results below. But my scouts will have tons of entries for events with 0 hours (because they didn’t attend that event.) I think at the end of the day the accounting is right (ie, all scouts have the appropriate number of hours for all events) but if a scout didn’t go to an activity, the line item shouldn’t show up. They weren’t marked as present at the event and didn’t log any hours.

I don’t see the same issue with hikes or camping nights. For example, if we invited the whole pack to a campout, but only marked 10 scouts present and recording a camping night just for those 10 scouts, when I run the camping nights report, only those 10 scouts have a line item for that event - it doesn’t appear under the other scouts’ names.

Basically, this isn’t a critical bug, but it’s also not trivial - this falls under the ‘people will definitely expect it to work this way’ category.

Does that make sense?

The “believe” and actually knowing are two different things. I thing checking the attendance report or the attendance at the zero events may help. If attendance was not taken, taken but somehow they were marked as present…That additional bit of data could help in figuring out what is happening.

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